The DOMA Insider has been providing the community with behind-the-scenes stories and reviews of events in the David Owsley Museum of Art for over three years. Content for the DOMA Insider is written by students, with the goal of providing the community with an insider’s perspective of the museum. Below is an introduction of the DOMA Insider writers for the spring 2018 semester.


Emily Sabens, Public Relations and Media Intern and Blog Editor

Emily is a junior at Ball State, where she is double-majoring in magazine journalism and journalism graphics, as well as obtaining minors in digital media and Spanish. Although Emily is studying journalism, she is also interested in a career in public relations – particularly working for a museum. This past summer, she served as the communications and marketing intern at The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. Emily also currently works as the marketing intern for the Muncie Children’s Museum.



Alexus Foreman, Research Assistant and Guard

Alexus began her studies at Ball State majoring in telecommunications and journalism and minoring in sociology. After regular visits to the DOMA and some reconsideration, she changed her major to art history. She immediately started working at DOMA and has been a guard since 2016. In addition to her position as a guard, she has recently become a research assistant for the museum and started docent training as well. She wants to take advantage of the numerous learning opportunities DOMA has to offer, and hopes others do too. After graduation, Alexus hopes to move to Chicago, continuing to work in museums.



Emi Frame, Education Intern

Emi Frame is a senior at Ball State majoring in painting with a minor in art history and is currently an education intern at DOMA. Emi’s paintings deal with environmental conservation, and she has developed her own technique of using wall, spackle-like paint to create topographical renderings of melting glaciers. In her free time she enjoys traveling, hiking and yoga. Her favorite work of art at DOMA is John Twachtman’s Waterfall, Greenwich.



Faith Gorrell, Collections Intern

Faith Gorrell is a junior honors student at Ball State with a major in public history and minors in Spanish, Latin and European studies. This semester she is interning with the David Owsley Museum of Art in the collections department; she says she couldn’t be more excited about all of the opportunities the internship has to offer. She has a twin sister at Ball State who is studying English education as well as a younger brother studying engineering at Purdue. For the past 10 years, Faith has been a volunteer puppy raiser for The Seeing Eye.



Jessica Lindsey, Public Relations and Media Intern

Jessica Lindsey is a senior public relations major with a minor in business administration. Her love of history and art led her to pursue a degree in PR in hopes of working for a museum one day. As the media and PR intern for DOMA, Jessica will showcase the events and happenings of the museum through social media and other various channels. She plans on moving back to her native Chicago post-graduation, eventually working for one of the many museums that call the city home.




Carli Mandel, Program Assistant

Carli Mandel is a senior history major at Ball State University with a minor in art history.  She has worked at DOMA for over a year as a volunteer docent, an education intern and currently as the program assistant.  She largely oversees and ensures the smooth operation of the many programs put on by DOMA and also helps create useful information for her fellow docents.  In the future, she would love to do historical research in a museum institution and continue to spread her love of art, history and culture with the general public. Her time spent working at DOMA has been an extremely educational and enriching period in her life and has allowed her to get hands-on experience in a fantastic cultural institution.



Kiya Mullins, Program Assistant

Kiya Mullins is a senior majoring in anthropology and has minors in GIS and creative writing. She is currently a program assistant for the education team, working with Tania Said and Cathy Bretz on museum programs and events. Before she joined DOMA she had a job at the Applied Anthropology Laboratories at Ball State, where she worked with artifacts from all over Indiana. Today she focuses on researching the ethnographic works of art from all over the world to write art object summaries to help docents and visitors gain a better understanding of the cultural backgrounds and meanings of different works of art.



Breyanne Urbin, Education Assistant

Breyanne Urbin is a sophomore art education major and art history minor. This semester, she is serving as an education assistant. Art has always been an important part of her life. Working at the David Owsley Museum of Art has allowed her to surround herself in art and given her an opportunity to learn more about art and gain experience in museum education. For the future, she hopes to use what she learned from being an assistant in her art teaching.



Caitlyn Walter, Interpretive Planning Assistant

Caitlyn Walter is a senior English major working toward a career in creative nonfiction. She has been interested in art and museums her whole life and has worked at DOMA as a docent, a collections intern and now as the interpretive planning assistant. She is passionate about creating text that makes works of art accessible to the public and invites people to engage with the collection in new ways.



Taylor Henderson, Exhibition Design Intern

Taylor Henderson is an architecture graduate student in the College of Architecture and Planning. Her appreciation for art and design is what led her to apply to the museum. She is working at DOMA as an exhibition design intern to make models of the gallery spaces for future exhibition planning. She hopes in the future her work can continue to be a merging of art and architecture.


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