Contemporary, Conceptual, and Captivating

Alfredo Jaar, Muxima (Film Still), 2005
Alfredo Jaar, Muxima (Film Still), 2005

Do you have an interest in global issues, conceptual art, or multimedia? If so, come see our new special exhibition!

Martha Rosler, Saddam's Palace (Febreze), 2004
Martha Rosler, Saddam’s Palace (Febreze), 2004

Fractured Narratives: A Strategy to Engage; opened today at the David Owsley Museum of Art and will be on view through May 3. This contemporary exhibition was co-curated by Amy Galpin and Abigail Ross Goodman. Fractured Narratives draws much of its content from the Alfond
Collection of Contemporary Art at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. By partnering with the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins, the Owsley
brings recent work by international artists to the Ball State community
and the city of Muncie.

Fractured Narratives is different from most special exhibitions held at the David Owsley Museum of Art in that it is located in three areas of the museum: The Brown Study Room, the South and Southeast Asian Gallery on the lower level, and the Special Exhibitions Gallery on the upper level. While visiting this exhibition, you will experience a multitude of media including 3 videos, a river of recycled silver, several photographs, and a bench of reclaimed wood.

Maya Lin, Silver Thames, 2012
Maya Lin, Silver Thames, 2012

The 14 contemporary artists include: Dawoud Bey, Eric GottesmanJenny Holzer, Alfredo Jaar, Amar Kanwar, William Kentridge, An-My Lê, Maya Lin, Goshka Macuga, “Moris” Israel Moreno, Rivane Neuenschwander, Trevor Paglen, Sandra Ramos, and Martha Rosler. The work of these artists has roots in areas around the world including South Africa, Brazil, Angola, Poland, the U.S., Mexico, Vietnam, Cuba, and India. These artists touch on global issues including warfare, free speech, and the environment.

Goshka Macuga, Anti Collage (Julita Wojcik), 2011
Goshka Macuga, Anti Collage (Julita Wojcik), 2011

Fractured Narratives brings with it the opportunity to meet and hear from Amy Gaplin and Abigail Ross Goodman, the two curators who selected the contemporary works of art and organized the exhibition. They will be joining us on Wednesday, February 4th for a curators’ talk, after which will be the Fractured Narratives opening reception. Amy Galpin will also meet with students at 12 noon in AJ 213 to talk about what it is like to be a curator and her career path.

Artist Eric Gottesman will also be visiting us on Thursday, March 26, and will be speaking about his work in Fractured Narratives as well “Sudden Flowers” and his other projects. Alexander Jarman, manager of adult and community programs at the Walters Art Museum, will be joining us on Friday April 24th for an “un-tour” of Fractured Narratives that will explore the unusual and participatory ways in which we can interact with the exhibition.

We hope to see you exploring the galleries and interacting with the exhibition while it is here with us!


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