Visitors at the Museum

Freshmen Kelly Clark and Adam Babiarz had some time in between classes, so they decided to check out DOMA for the first time, Thursday, November 1st. As first time visitors, they were surprised to see the immense and impressive collection the museum has to offer. Walking through the galleries, they told me they had no idea the museum had such a variety of movements, styles, and medium represented in the collection. Babiarz said, “I was surprised to discover all the different forms art comes in.” Both agreed,  there was truly something for everyone at DOMA.

Clark standing by her favorite painting, Right Bird Left.

When asked what their favorite work of art at the museum was, both were drawn to Abstract Expressionist paintings.

Clark chose Right Bird Left by Lee Krasner for its bright colors and movement.  She also said, “I love how she used the entire canvas and it reminds me of the outdoors.”

Drawn to its immense scale, Babiarz chose Norman Bluhm’s Oz as his favorite work on display at the museum. He found that the gestural movements and color present a powerful image.

Babiarz enjoying Norman Bluhm’s Oz.

Next time you have a break in between classes, I encourage you to stop by the museum like Clark and Babiarz did. Who knows, maybe you will be featured in our blog next!


2 thoughts on “Visitors at the Museum

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